Good Reasons to Support the State

Sure, I rant about how much I dislike the state. I’m pretty consistent in my belief that power corrupts, and the best way to limit corruption is to limit the concentration of power. The more power is distributed, the less room there is for the corrupt, crony crapitalism we have today.

However, sometimes someone might have a good reason to want to support the state. The state can provide a lot of power, and can be used to do things that would be nearly impossible on a personal scale. Lets go into some examples are the state can be truly useful.

Can you really compete against people who were born with everything given to them on a silver platter?

All of us have insecurities. Its simply part of the human condition, so who can blame you when you look at someone who is successful and think, “How can I compete with that?” Maybe you aren’t attractive, you’ve come to terms with the fact that you are of average intelligence, have a merely average drive to succeed, and just aren’t going to make those big bucks. You are just an average person, and in this world, average just isn’t enough. Your parents aren’t rich, it takes too much money to start a business and no one is going to give a nobody the capital to make it happen.

The best you can hope for is maybe an average wife, a couple of bland kids and let the cycle continue for another rotation. Seems pointless, there is such a thing as the good life — you can see it in other people. But you won’t ever have it. Its just not in the cards for you.

The state can help, it can take a little bit away from those successful people, maybe give a little to you, and their lives will be brought down just a little bit and your life won’t seem so bad in comparison. Its only fair, after all, why should all the success and happiness be concentrated in so few who might have done little to earn it?

You have too many personal responsibilities on your plate already and not enough time to live your own life

Your parents are getting old. Your brother is having hard times. You’ve managed “alright” so that makes this your problem as the responsible one. But you have your own life to live, you were responsible, studied hard and got a decent job to support your lifestyle, why should you be the one who has to take care of these people? You did your part not to be a burden, after all.

Enter the state. Your parents can be taken care of by healthcare, and your brother can go on welfare. Now you can go on and just live your own life without being overly inconvenienced. You wish them the best, of course, and if they really need help, naturally you’ll be there. But who has the time to take care of all these people day in and day out. You did your part, its your right to live your own life the way that you want to without these burdens. You were responsible and took care of yourself already.

Its easier to just let someone else do it all, so why not let them?

There is just so much involved in getting things done! Even in your own every day life, there are so many demands on your time and energy. Who can keep up with it all? Someone has to maintain the roads, keep the power going, manage pensions, keep the buses running, enforce the laws, clean up the streets, remove the garbage, put up traffic signs, remove the snow, make sure it doesn’t cause a flood when the snow melts, etc.

If you had to be involved with organizing all of this in your fleeting moments of free time, how would you ever have time to enjoy life or raise your family? Is it so unreasonable to pay the state some taxes can they can just do all of this for you?

Society and Culture need to be protected

Lets face it, Libertarians don’t have the means to do what needs to be done. They are just comfortable with at least a certain level of chaos. They rarely care what kind of people are around them, so long as they aren’t directly bothered by them, and they have no respect for society and culture. They don’t care if their children won’t grow up in the same culture that you were blessed to have. They don’t care about traditional values.

A nation is its people, and a nation that just lets anyone in is going to lose the fabric that binds it. Traditions exist for a reason: they are time tested values that held people together. Not everyone fits in, and there is no “one size fits all” for a healthy society. Society works because for the most part, we are all walking in the same direction. People who don’t want to do that shouldn’t be welcomed, if they want to benefit from all the great things society offers, they should be willing to participate in its customs.

We need the state to protect all of this wonderful stuff we have, so that our future generations can enjoy all the benefits that we had. We can be honest, not everyone belongs in every society, and not every lifestyle fits in.

Read between the lines.