What is freespeech.host?

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Hi there,

This is freespeech.host, a place for thinkers of all varieties to discuss... well, pretty much anything they like. Perhaps especially "controversial" topics that might be risky to talk about in other places. Put bluntly, I'm a free speech absolutist -- but not everyone else who I might federate with is, and thus cooperation places limitations. My intention is to give you as much freedom to discuss whatever you like as is possible.

Politics is a hot topic in most places, but you can toot about anything you please, with few limitations. Please bear in mind this is intended mostly to be about discussions so there may be better places for those interested in posting artwork, etc, unless for some reason you feel your artwork might be unwelcome. If its unlawful I'll still remove it, though.

I don't care where on the political spectrum you are, you are welcome here to discuss anything you like. If you are the kind of person who's feelings get hurt by disagreement, or expect me or some other mod to jump to your defence because someone insulted you -- this isn't the place.

You are on your own here, there might be dragons inside, but I feel that real, intellectual discussion is worth the risk. If you feel the same, come on in. Just to be clear: You don't get removed if you don't share my politics, everyone left, right, or totally disinterested can join in. You can preview whats going on to the right of the page, which shows the LOCAL timeline only, that is posts from other servers don't show up here, but can when you have an account, but if you want to preview THIS server showing posts from the Fediverse isn't as helpful.

On this server you do not default to follow the admins, but a system account used only for instance relevant notifications about upcoming downtime or maintenance, policy changes, etc. This is mainly because I'm not going to assume your politics, you might not want to hear mine so this way you can opt in if you like rather than opt out. You are of course, free to follow if you like.

As a final note, this is intended as a permanent server, so I've setup responsible administration tasks like automated remote backups and an minio/s3 data storage.

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Take a quick perusal of mastodon.social's list of rules. Consider those a general guideline.

I don't like long lists of rules that are all lawyer-y. So here are my notes about the above rules.

  • This isn't a porn server. If you want to upload dirty pictures, there are better places to do that. That said, it isn't exactly forbidden either. But if you want to have an account dedicated to porn I might consider removing it. Seriously, there are tonnes of places to post naughty images in the mastodon world, check out one of those. Posting illegal images will result in instant banning.
  • Racism and sexism. It really depends on how its defined isn't it? Quoting, say, crime statistics or talking about racial IQ differences I don't consider racism, any more then noting that Kenyans seem to be fast runners. The problem crops up when you start talking about absolutes, say, "All so-and-so's are lazy." I'd call that racist. My point here is that when you talk about race, remember that individuals are precisely that, individuals.
  • I think the more bad ideas are exposed to the air, the faster they will rust. Unfortunately, this isn't necessarily shared by others who we might like to federate with.. so you probably shouldn't talk about Nazi stuff is likely to get us de-federated and I'm more likely to get rid of YOU than the federation. I'd rather it wasn't like this, honestly, but thems the breaks.
  • Being a jackass for the purpose of being a jackass might get you removed if you fail to demonstrate your ability to deliver real discussions. This includes trolling and nonsense like that, this isn't the place for it, go back to twitter. Also, free speech means you can say whatever you like, it doesn't mean anyone has to listen, or what you say is free from judgment in the court of public opinion. So if someone doesn't want to talk to you, move on and don't push the issue or stalk them. That's lame, yo.

Anyway, that's about it. Knock yourselves out.