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I have a Mastodon server at this address, and a Pleroma server at

Mastodon is just an uphill battle against its own devs, and well, I'd rather just be done with it, even if Pleroma still has a few warts here and there. At least the devs are working with people and not against them. I'd rather just wash my hands of Mastodon and move the Pleroma server to the base address -- but I'd like to do that in a way that doesn't fuck everything up. I wonder whats the best way to do that, if indeed its possible.

The Mastodon -> Pleroma migrator seems promising, but doesn't support any recent versions of Mastodon... so that's not really an option unless I wait and just hope it ends up doing what I need.

Anyway, looking for input and advice.

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Oh look, Unreal Engine 5.

Yippee! More games that look beautiful in the screenshots but run and look like total shit when you buy the game.

Nice try Epic, just go the fuck out of business already.

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Yay! I'm hoooooome for the "weekend"! :blob_rave:​

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I skinned my knee! My beautiful, porcelain leg is ruined! :ablobonfire:

Check this shit out.

Dolly legs of a trailer sunk/crashed into the ground. No shunt truck gonna fix that mess lol

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@0x00 @shebang Cooties is the opposite of honor, if someone has to explain it to you, you have it.

The final quarter of the day!

My shift is pretty much the best shift in the company. I arrive after the morning panic, then the last two hours our biggest source of annoying work is closed for the day. There is still work, but its not annoying work.

Also during the last two hours, my shift boss changes. Now my shift boss is an awesome guy (although he has TDS pretty bad, one of these days I should hit him in the mouth... when he is ready.) but the guy in the last two hours is super chill.

This is a great job, even if I like to bitch about it sometimes.

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'I Can't Believe Christians Think It's Safe To Go Back To Church,' Says Woman In Line At Walmart 

2020-05-19, 21:00:06…

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Ah, today is not going very well. This sucks.

Well, apparently as of the 15th, production is well under way and should be shipping in just a few days. Glad I forked out for the faster shipping because I'm gonna be hyped as fuck to play with this.

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I'm so impatient waiting for my Pinephone.

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