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"Success! Avatar changed."

LIES and FAKE NEWS. It changes nothing! Damn you peertube, annoying the crap out of me so much.

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Well here is my first annoyance. My avatar won't update. Grunt.

Whut.. why does expect me to have a twitter account of all things?

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Donated $20 to a LGBT group, hope they find a cure!
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Fuck sakes, no errors in the log. It shows a connection.

But does it serve content? No, just a nice blank page. No hint of any problems in the logs.

There is no good fedi software, just none, its all written by people who want to cause suffering in the world.

Oh what the flying fuck is your fucking problem peertube fuck sakes.

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For example. Mastodon is easier to get emojis at first, but once you get into it, its actually easier to import a bunch of emojis quickly with Pleroma.

Pleroma has way more options for content control, oddly enough given Mastodon is the cancel HQ. But Pleroma has more levels than just "FUCK YOU NAZI GO AWAY" or "NO MEDIA FOR YOU EVER!! TRIGGERED" so I can be like, "This has a lot of smut on it that my server doesn't cater to. However, there is no reason to prevent user who want to see it from seeing it, but maybe not just splattered on the main timeline so just make sure its nsfw tagged."

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You know, running both a Mastodon and a Pleroma server you really get a feel for all the ways in which neither have everything I'd like.

aaaaaaand of course peertube is being a bitch. bleh.

Oh I hate my broken brain. Stupid thing doesn't work at all. You can't be too tired to stay awake but too awake to sleep at the same but the crappy thing manages to do just that.

Dyslexic, wrong gender, who knows what other bugs are hiding the firmware.

I want a fucking refund. :blobsad:

Ok back to sleep. Deal with peertube more later.

Why doesn't come with a shitposting category. I mean that seems obvious to include.

AAaaah peertube's boring installation is getting me once again... so many annoying options blah blah blah blah blah this line and that line and so on and so forth forever and forever bleah blah

aaand back to trying to figure out why NFS is being such a piece of shit.

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