Ok, so.

Does anime make soyboys, or do soyboys just gravitate towards anime?

Ok this shit happens every time.

I'm sitting around, bored. Nothing happening. Guess I'll sleep. Lay in bed, then people start being funny and interesting on fedi again keeping me up. Now it's after midnight. :blobglare:

Not entirely sure honestly. There is a lot of odd stuff here, like I notice Pleroma, the other popular fediverse server, is far more Libertarian/Rightwing (and shitpost-y).

Myself, I came about after twitter shadow banned me, and that was the last straw for centralized services for me.

Right, and if your machine is still up and functioning auto renew won't be a problem.

Well, Mastodon, the most popular server, started out because Twitter - the service that shadow banned anyone with a right of center viewpoint, allowed for leftists to advocate for political violence but banned Conservatives for saying anything - wasn't left wing enough for them.

Well, the great thing about open source software is that you can't control what people do with it. They just ended up adding in this huge block list and walling themselves off into little groupthink covens. Fine, good riddance if you are that fragile.

But anyway, that's why it seems like there are so many triggered leftists around here.

Yup! You go off the beaten trail a little bit you'll find us hanging around, mostly shitposting :blob_rave:

Huh, I guess I may as well go to sleep. I'm tired and have nothing to do.. so... sleep!

@jeremiah @Shitlord Ok fine but none of that stuff happened when I was in highschool lol, that was ages ago.

@Shitlord @jeremiah I don't know if I should admit this in public or not, but I loved ICP in highschool, haha.

I love the super free ones. Because I need to not fall asleep at the wheel, but I also don't need to fatten up on a tonne of sugar to sit on my ass driving.

@Grandtheftautism @pasture @RUSHIFA @histoire

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@ihavebigtits I worked on virtual servers all day, so my day had too much xen.

Ok here is my own personal controversy. I don't believe any of the stuff about Michael Jackson, and I think he'll be the king of pop until the big crunch.

If you disagree with me, you are racist against both black and white people, depending on which album we are talking about.

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@izaya They just call upstream tech support to do their jobs for them.

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