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"Joe Biden gets FACT-CHECKED after claiming President Trump failed to prepare for coronavirus: 'You and Obama depleted America's stockpile of N95 masks'"

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simply put, the beatings will continue until the establishment, medical, m5m, gov and otherwise, until these authoritarians have had their fill.
they're just relentlessly humping this excuse to flex their over reach.
sovereign citizens dont answer to elected representatives, but some how that's been warped, just like how china is responsible for this, they aren't some hero swooping in with slave labor made ppe to 'help' the world mop up a mess they helped to create.

@dwaltiz I don't care all that much about the funeral procession, but I want my tombstone to have an arrow pointing up and say "I'm with Stupid".

Sometimes I want to setup a sweet plymouth bootsplash on my computer. But then I realize that on my nvme drives ... it barely takes a second to finish loading into KDE from the kernel. So....

Now, I know there is literally an option to put in an artificial delay in plymouth so you can see your sweet bootsplash, but that strikes me as retarded.

Hmm, past few days my dolphin (#kde) has picked up a new annoying thing. When I launch it, it crashes exactly 4 times before loading and then working nicely from then on.

Weird. At some point I should find out whats doing that and fix it, rather than just click the icon 4 times and move on.

So much of the nasty anime that floats past my feed is what I generously presume is short people with a fetish for very tall women.

I would be pleased as punch if exceedingly tall women became a popular fetish lol.

Oh no worries, if I made it this far without the devils lettuce I'll make it the rest of the way too.
@raintrees @GWFF

@raintrees Well, honestly, its so simple it should have worked. The line passes regex syntax so past that... I don't know where to go, how to debug this or anything.

I'm just giving up on it and assuming its broken or something. It would be nice but broken fucked up software is the norm.

@raintrees I know and like awk and sed though. But this stupid filter requires fake regex which isn't real anyway.

@raintrees Like, filtering out [bot] and #loli shouldn't require me to read a book.

@raintrees Eh, I've just decided that regex isn't real and its just a joke thing made up by programmers to laugh at people trying to do simple things.

@raintrees Well, I ran my line through an online checker and it seemed to do exactly what I wanted. But when I put it into mastodon it doesn't do anything. :blobshrug2:​

Eh, this should be really really simple to do yet it seems impossible. Google seems to have only literally the opposite results of what I want to do.

So frustrating.

@slimeblob People sure do have a lot of alts. I just have one on each of my servers.

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