I see the "80%+ youth transition desist" myth is STILL doing the fake news rounds again.

Well here is the debunking. scihub.bban.top/https://www.ta

ZERO children properly diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria desisted in those studies.


The desisters are entirely children who didn't meet the diagnosis standards. If a child has a proper diagnosis, yes, youth transition is the best way to proceed. Puberty ruins the lives of trans people. If they don't meet the criteria then they should go to further therapy.

That's the research on it. #trans

So much of the and community makes me uncomfortable.

So if a lesbian doesn't want to have sex with a transwoman, that's not transphobic. Especially true if the tranny in question isn't passable or hasn't had SRS.

It's annoying the LEFTY trans people have gotten so unhinged lately. Makes normal people like me who happen to be trans look bad. Very frustrating.

Then there are the tucutes and "non binary" ... Bleh.

This was a VERY interesting article I received from a good debate on reddit that changed my mind on this topic of early transition.



I just love arguing with people who think I support a tonne of nonsense that I don't, and just assume I do because I'm . Bloody annoying, and frankly pig ignorant.

Such is life, I guess. I get less and less patient with it, and often just end up telling them to go ahead and fuck themselves after a while. You ask them to come up an argument, and they argue against the strawman in their mind, not what I said.

I really need to make more and friends here. Assuming they'll put up with like me, haha!

Maybe I just need one of those anime girl avatars. Heh, that'll be the day.

Today is going to be a big day for me. I hope.


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