Got my driver's license and bank card, I exist in the system again!

I ordered one of these after I lose my wallet, and it was waiting for me when I got home. Its a credit card-sized thingy that fits in the wallet and connects to your phone. Next time I lose my wallet, my phone will start to make noises to alert me. I ain't having this shit happen again.

Ok, so while grabbing a cheesy starship troopers meme (I don't care, that movie was awesome, fight me, and yes I've read the book) I came across this which made me laugh.

Even "Space Force" gets to laugh at the Coast Guard apparently haha :)

Well, I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow I have a big day of sitting on my ass in this parking lot and I want to be well rested so I can fully experience the boredom.

Remember when @adam said that if you donated dollars 2500 he'd come to your house and play the ending mix at your house?

I appreciate that @adam is a guy. I've been since 1994 myself.

I make all my crappy low effort shit posts and memes in gimp. John isn't entirely wrong about it though, but I have no talent or skill so it's perfect for me. Yes this is referencing old episodes because I'm traveling back in time.

Can you imagine having these nitwits represent you to the world? Lol, oh well 🀣

If you think about it, wouldn't plumbers make the best shitposters?

Oh shit, they could make literal shit posts and no one could complain.

I'll just quickly grab an Ethernet cable from the box.

Ah, shit.

Anyway, this was the cult that I was apparently drafted into when I was born a tranny.

Haha, no thanks.

(not my meme)

Well. It's the 1st where everyone goes "happy new year!" and I go...

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