I wonder if there is some kind of Jitsi thingy going on later?

@SmashCast @ProfWorr

@SmashCast @ProfWorr What there is one?!

Oh snap

I should put on my face then

@shebang @SmashCast
I certainly might, Shebang, but I’ve been yakking all day, I don’t feel good; gonna see how I feel. Stomach bug, nothing big

@ProfWorr @yukiame @shebang @SmashCast

Hey, I'm right nearby (Vashon). I could come over and feed you soup (spoon duct taped to a 6' bamboo rod)?

@ProfWorr @yukiame @SmashCast Well, hopefully you get better. Its not the same without the insane, discombobulated rambling.

@ProfWorr @yukiame @SmashCast You shoulda just had a ginger ale, that fixes everything.

@ProfWorr @yukiame @SmashCast Oooooooh

What do we have here...

Mr "Canada isn't real" has been reduced to Canada Dry it seems.

@shebang @ProfWorr @yukiame @SmashCast I'm guessing you need to be using pleroma to get notified about emoji reacts.
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