Hmm, my visualization server is being bitchy. Gonna see if updates can fix it.

Now, I think systemd is generally very good (and it's irrational haters should shut up and just run devuan stop normal can stop listening to their fud) but one thing I really do hate is when it has a service hang on shutdown.

Wait 30 seconds. No? Try a minute and thirty then. No? Try 3 minutes then. No? Try 6 minutes...

What's the point of the timer here? It just increases it whenever it runs out.

@shebang I have had this issue at boot with NFS mounts when the server is having an issue. Just keeps increasing after it "times out".

Yup. Like what's the point of a time out of it just increases it when it's done.


@shebang it's a nice indicator of how much of my time has been wasted? 🤷‍♂️

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