Big thanks to @mewmew for helping me with a lot of technical things on both this site and the Pleroma one.


@mewmew When Bernie gets elected and communism destroys America, I shall come and rescue you, and a single family member of your choice.
@shebang When Bernie gets elected and America becomes a socialist utopia, I'll vouch for you to immigrate here :blobcatreachrev:

@shebang @mewmew

I like your spunk! Do you know anyone that could perform a hit job on a high-profile politician? Asking for a friend.

@mewmew @shebang and I love both of you! In fact I love you both so much I'd like to send you free hats!

@mewmew @shebang mewmew, you make the fedi a brighter and cuter place

@mewmew @djsumdog The whole of the fediverse would be so much better if everyone else just realized the whole point of it is not to distribute hentai, but to spam emoji.
@mewmew @djsumdog Shit, I forgot to include the obvious emoji, for emoji spam. :blobspam:

@shebang @mewmew pretty sure the Internet is for porn... the creepy uncle puppet told me so...

@shebang @mewmew aww .. he's so cute .. partying away in a little garbage can ... he's like the anti-Oscar the grouch

@djsumdog @mewmew I love that one! But this one almost made me cry when I saw it lol :ablobcatheartbroken:

I’m so stupid lol

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