@mewmew omg your relay is nothing but perversion and degeneracy lol

@shebang oh yeah baraag signed up lol

you might want to remove them from the fedi timeline :blobcatthink: and drop their media

@mewmew Dropping the media is enough, past that its a bit too censor-y. They can still access it by clicking through -- but thats on them now.

@shebang yeah, makes sense

I asked the baraag guy to join my relay because some people here wanted to browse their content locally - he's a cool guy even if he supports some, um, questionable art

@kazuma @mewmew I don't even know what a shota is. The fedi is in this world that I know nothing about but I suspect that is for the best.

@kazuma @mewmew Well I guess its just some kind of weird hentai thing. OF COURSE. That's enough linking lol, I'm a wholesome lady, damn your eyes.

@kazuma @mewmew I don't know what it said because you can't get a straight answer out of people!

@Eidolon0 @kazuma @mewmew There, you see? This kind gentleman (I assume anyway who knows whatever) gave the answer. Thank you, kind sir.

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