The corrupt CPC hired a company to smear the PPC. Any Canadian Conservatives, I think, should step back and take a moral examination of just who they are supporting. This is on top of the CPC's anti free speech activities with the Rebel, supporting the Paris accords and other hypocritical actions.

The PPC is Canada's only right wing party. Everyone else is socialist liars. Scheer was right when he said Trudeau was a fraud, but Scheer is a fraud himself too.

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@stefanmolyneux made the same point, and yeah, it says a hell of a lot, doesn't it?

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Haha, tell me about it my man. This is me, with my degree, my love of intellectual pursuits and writing music, waiting in line to get a noisy refrigerated trailer loaded at a factory.

Yeah I fucked up somewhere.

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Ouch, man. A degree in philosophy is like getting a degree in unemployment. I considered it myself at one point. But then I remembered that I hate people and didn't want to teach.

But then, I do love tormenting people, and there is a lot of opportunity for that in teaching.

Either way I ended up in a truck so I don't know what but something went terribly wrong.

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You know, Worr -- if that of your real name -- I'm starting to think that whatever your PhD is in, it's not something useful like memes.

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Why must this be? Know your meme doesn't say shit about why this is apparently funny.


What I'm hearing is that someone boosted this "beans" comment without actually knowing what the joke is.

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I need someone to tell me what they mean by "beans". I've heard it a few times but no idea what they are talking about.

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What is this? The dark ages? What if I have ice, it's annoying to fight with the ice cubes when I'm drinking.

That's why scotch ice cubes are huge, so it's not a problem.

@Dan_Ramos A 40 hour work week? Sweet Lord Jesus, I would love to only work 40 hours. Bloody criminy.

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Stefan Molyneux examines the relationship of Justin Trudeau's Liberals to the rule of law in Canada:

- SNC Lavalin Obstruction of Justice
- Free Speech
- Gun Control

Today I had an awesome trip. Picking up a new trailer. Rad!

But, my frigging elog is broken and no one trained me to use paper logs. Great. $1500 dollar fine if I make a mistake. Yeah, this whole thing is a bad idea.

Man makes plans, God laughs.

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