The drama between and is brought to you by; “use code “KEEM” to get 10% off of your life expectancy!”

This old tweet from advised us all to just drink some sips of beer whenever we had a panic attack. "You only need, like 3 sips"

A flashback quote and a smart reminder from gamer "Nobody owes you anything. That's not how the world works"

(I'm trying to test 2 things)

"Bro, blah blah blah... you're a news guy! You don't blah blah blah! You blah blah the whole article!" Watch as mocks for skimming through important details of an article. is, as the name suggests, a server with a focus on free speech. In particular this is a server with a focus on dialog, particularly with regards to philosophy, ethics, and politics. It is open to everyone, regardless of their beliefs, identity, or political affiliation.