Memes are Weapons.

So, now that people are getting arrested for posting memes, I think its time to talk about why this is happening.

I won’t leave you waiting — its because 5th Generation Warfare, or “Information Warfare”. Its when every mainstream media organization takes their lines from one source — the government, more specifically, the deep state. Its when the military talks about “Hearts and Minds”. Its when 4chan posts a meme about election fraud. That is information warfare, and make no mistake, it is warfare. Think about China’s rapidly growing influence in American media, they are manoeuvring in their own Information War.

It has real world consequences, look at the 2016 election results as a prime example of this. The “First Meme War” was absolutely part of the reason why Donald Trump got elected — its not merely “online hype”. Memes change minds, memes bring attention, and memes can change elections.

Another example of real world consequences to memes, is that challenges to the Covid-19 accepted “truths” are primarily distributed in the form of memes. When there is a anti-lockdown protest, you can bet that most of the people there have been exposed or generated memes on the topic.

The powers that be have caught up to an important fact: Memes are Guerrilla Information Warfare. Its how an Asymmetric Information War is fought, its how the small guys fight the mainstream media and the government. In 2016 when Trump was elected, that was the end of the First Meme War, and shortly after the beginning of the Second Meme War. With Biden “elected”, the Second ended and the Third Meme War is slowly ramping up.

So lets briefly recap. The First was about getting Trump elected over Hillary. The Second was to get Trump a second term — that was a loss. The Third is about the legitimacy of the Biden presidency. This, again, has significant real world consequences — take a look at the Capitol so-called “Riots” on January 6th, these were significantly fuelled by disbelief in the election process, again, urged on by memes.

Questioning the legitimacy of the Biden presidency causes serious harm to the deep state, the more people lose faith in the theatre, the more likely they are to press for real change — and that absolutely must not be allowed.

That means silencing voices, that means making speaking out risky. These arrests are meant to create a chilling effect.