SJW’s and Incels, not so different?

(This article was written some time ago, shortly after the Toronto incel shooting so “recently” shows up a few times and that’s no longer the case.)

So I read an article the other day, “Sympathy for the ‘Incel’ (linked below). I found it a pretty depressing article, mainly to a certain extent I can empathize with the hopelessness of these men. I think a lot of guys go at least at some point in their lives bemoan their troubles with women but these guys have problems that go beyond that.

But the article itself covers them better than I could, so go ahead and read that, its an interesting read if nothing else. But after thinking about it for a few minutes I thought about the guys I’ve known in my life who just don’t have anything going on, and then I thought a bit more and I realized that I have seen these types before — Social Justice Warriors.

Basically, I’m putting forth the idea that the bizarre, often grostesque, brightly colored SJW’s that we see screeching hopelessly at the sky are basically the female version of incels.

Now, Incels came into the news with a furror lately because the Toronto mass murder was done by a incel. So an incel, if you don’t know is involuntary celebate. Basically, guys who truly have no idea where their towels are. But really, I think, yeah its a problem with people who are driven insane by being totally and completely lost and outcast without any hope of redemption. So they decide to end it all with a horrific bang. Those seem to be the mass murderers of today’s world. But most of the incels are just bitter and learn much more towards being self destructive.

So to go on, they collect in a few places on the internet and share their misery with one another.

That reminds me very much of SJW’s and their safe spaces. I think their primary motivation is bitterness. They need someone to blame for their mediocre at best lives, they cannot come to grips that they aren’t special, and thus come up with the grand shared delusion that they are oppressed by an all emcompassing system. While the Incels have an inward focus to their bitterness, the SJW’s project theirs.

But I think ultimately that an SJW is often just the female version of an Incel. The language is very different, but I think the emotion is generally the same. I’m not the first person to notice that the SJW crowd is generally, well, to be blunt, either ugly or so gross a person that no one would ever like them. Unlike Incels, these people ended up getting seduced by NeoMarxism — “you aren’t ugly or unplesant, society just says you are.” I’d almost wager that’s the biggest difference outside of gender, is that Incels seem to view the world in absolute terms of genetic combat (ie, survival of the best genes) while SJW’s view it as systems of oppression.

Look I’m not so emotionally stunted or so entirely disconnected from people that I can’t look through the incel forums and see real pain and dispair there. It is totally brutal in those forums. That is true dispair. But definitely, I mean, let me advise you here, do not go to those forums. I wouldn’t suggest going there anymore than I would suggest going to Somalia for a vacation. Its brutal, I can’t say that enough. These guys are in pain and many of them are verbally lashing out in ways that are not easy to read. That is a place where only true misery is to be found. Just don’t go, don’t be curious this time.

I spent some time on the forums listening to the incels talk amoung themselves and anything you think you could say to these guys to give them hope has been said a thousand times already. They are so bad they actively attack anyone who tries to find some kind of happiness in their lives. The same way when you talk to SJW’s and point out facts about world poverty decline, the truth about the so called gender wage gap, the fact that their politics are responsible for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of deaths, they don’t listen, they don’t want to hear it.

Some of them might grow out of it, some of them might find inner strength to overcome the source of their misery, others might find ways to enjoy life with what they have. And, some of them are just so destroyed by the circumstances of their lives that they are hopeless. I think this applies more or less equally to the SJW’s and Incels alike.

Sympathy for the ‘Incel’

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