Leftist Gulags

You know what amuses me about the SJW’s?

They continue to talk about socialism and communism, they wear Che Guevara t-shirts and hand wave away the over one hundred million deaths caused by Leftists over the last century and chant about how they will bring about change to the world.

When you point out this “change” has already happened several times with disasterous results, they just say “but it wasn’t real communism”. The fact that this “real communism” seems to be utterly unatainable doesn’t phase them in the slightest.

You see, THIS TIME, they’ll make it stick. THIS TIME they will make damn sure the undesirables who believe in free speech — the only use for such a thing is bigotry, you see — will be outcasted and imprisoned. Sure, Stalin did all that stuff too, but THIS TIME they’ll get the right people in the gulags.

The new workers paradise will do all the exact same things as it did before, but THIS TIME it’ll go off without a hitch. You just have to silence the disenters, the free speech absolutists and other hateful trash. They are hard at working getting this all done, and they are making good progress on it too.

So why does this amuse me? Well, because I know for a fact that when the Leftists get their new gulags up and going, the very same shrieking, ranting, sign waving, vandalizing, mask wearing, nonsense blathering idiots who pushed so hard for their construction will be the first ones in.

Because guess what? One thing the new powerful elite will know for sure is that these people have been full time trouble makers and political upsetters with a track record of success. Comrade Stalin knew exactly what to do to these people, and the SJW’s new leader will know exactly what to do too.

While I would get a chuckle to see these people get exactly what they’ve been asking for, I’d rather it not get to that point.

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