A Brief Rant on the US Constitution

Americans sometimes miss the plot. A lot of them get it, but the vast majority — say, somewhere between 95-99% completely fuckin missed it.

Let me ask you something: From where do you get the Freedom of Speech?

I bet almost every single one of you said “The Constitution, of course.”

Wrong, dumbass! Its not from there at all, that’s just a piece of fucking paper. Paper has no power, its just mushed up bits of tree. The only good you can do with it is kindling. Paper means nothing.

“Oh, but the ideas were more powerful than blah blah”

Nope. Ideas aren’t powerful either. That’s more bullshit.

You can write whatever the fuck you want on piece of paper — doesn’t make it true, doesn’t give it power. Hopefully a few of the quicker ones have picked up where I’m going with this.

You got your Freedom of Speech from the red hot and fouled business end of a Long Land Pattern Brown Bess musket. The paper and the ideas behind it didn’t mean shit until someone put primer to pan and mentally prepared themselves to kill.

The only power paper — or ideas — have, is to convince people to pick up the real, genuine object of power: lethal force, and the willingness to use it.

If this wasn’t true, then you’d be able to open or conceal carry without a license in every state in the US. You’d be able to own a full on belt-fed machinegun — just like the Constitution promises. Well in most places you can’t, because paper doesn’t mean a damn thing without the gun behind it.

More then that, America just put up with a lock down of precisely the kind the fabled Constitution forbids.

Paper means nothing. Physical violence is, always has been, always will be everything.

The “supreme law of the land” isn’t the Constitution, its “Fuck you, I’m coming to take it and I’ll kill you if you try and stop me.”

That’s why I give no sympathy to the police or anyone in government. Fuck ’em.

There isn’t a single law that isn’t backed up by a gun to your head, and the police are the ones who will be holding that gun. They aren’t your friends, they aren’t there to protect you, they aren’t there to serve you. They are there to use violence to enforce the rules the elites have made, that’s it.

That’s why freedom isn’t in the Constitution, freedom isn’t something that can be written down or ever guaranteed.

Freedom isn’t “shall not be infringed”, it’s “No, fuck you, come and take it or die trying.” Anything else is submission to the King.

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